JYJ’s In Heaven (Naration)

* geuman galke
# gajima
* geotoraeol geoya geureonika
# geotjimal,, geotjimal
* aniya, naega neol imankkeum saranghaneunde
# geu sarang,, jigeum boyeojul sun obgetni?
* saranghae
# tto dashi saranghae sun obgetni?


* i’m going to leave now
# don’t leave
* i’m going to comeback so
# liar, liar
* no~ don’t you know how much i love you?
# can’t you show that love to me right now?
* i love you
# can’t we love again?

# is a girl
* is a boy

i really love this song so much, especially this naration. hmm,
maybe because of this year there is 4 persons and 1 pussycat that i love the most was passed away. that’s way i can’t stop listening this song 🙂 🙂

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