[Beast] The Facts Lyrics Translation

[DJ] geojitmal iya geojitmal iya
ireohke kkeutnael suneun eobseo
dashi dorawa jebal dorawa
niga nal tteonaganeunge mitgijiga anha

[HS] eotteon mareul neoege haebwado
da soyong-i eobtgettjiman
igeon aniya igeon aniya
i sashileul mitgi mothagesseo

[DW] igeon modu geojitmal iya
sashil-i aniya deoneun mitgi mothae
dorawa dallago myeotbeoneul malhae naege
igeon geojitmariya

[YS] ijen neoneun nae yeope eobtjanha
geuge sashil i ya mitgo shipji anha
dorawa dallago su eobshi yaegihaebwado
jigeum-i geojitmalyeoyahae

[KK] geojitmal iya geojitmal iya geojitmal iya geojitmal iya
sashil-i anya sashil-i anya sashil-i anya sashil-i anya

[JH] It’s a fact
meorineun aneunde mam-i injeongeul mothagettde samkyeojil deuthan bulangam-e
nado moreuge naoneun bohobonneung ddoneun jibchakin deuthae
meori wiro tuk hago ddeoleojyeobeorin-i sanghwang
dojeohi kamdang halsu eobseo nan
biweo naelsu eobtdamyeon saero chaeweobolke
neowa naui iyagireul dashi sseonaelyeo galke




[DJ] It’s a lie, it’s a lie
We can’t end like this
Come back to me again, please come back to me
I can’t believe the fact that you are leaving me

[HS] No matter what I say to you right now,
It’s going to have no effect whatsoever
This isn’t right, this isn’t right
I can’t trust this fact

[DW] This is all a lie, not the truth
I can’t believe it any longer
I will tell you many times to come back to me
This is all just a lie

[YS] Now you are no longer next to me
That is the truth, I don’t want to believe it
Come back to me, even if I say this many times
All of this just has to be a lie right now

[KK] It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie. It’s a lie
This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth. This isn’t the truth.

[JH] It’s a fact
My mind knows, but my heart says that it can’t get accustommed to it
The urge to protect you comes to me without me knowing, it also seems like my clinging
This situattion that fell on top of my head randomly
I can no longer handle it
If I can’t empty you, I will try to fill it up again
I will rewrite the story of you and I

5 responses

  1. i love B2ST 🙂
    the smooth transition between The Fact and The Fiction are amazing. two great songs with such deep meaning. It’s a FACT that she’s gone and they’ll never be together, but in FICTION they’ll be together forever. So beautiful 🙂
    i also couldn’t help but notice your Koizora quote. Probably one of my top 10 favorite movies! it’s so sad, but just shows the real trials and love in life 🙂

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