Spoof Text

Teks spoof adalah teks yang menceritakan sebuah kejadian lucu atau peristiwa yang aneh yang telah terjadi di masa lampau.

Struktur dari teks spoof yaitu:
1. Orientation: Berfungsi sebagai awal cerita yang mengantar ke dalam inti cerita
2. Event 1: Bagian yang menceritakan kejadian awal
3. Event 2: Bagian yang menceritakan kejadian setelah kejadian awal (bila ada)
4. Twist: Akhir yang tidak terduga atau lucu

Spoof Text Example:

A.   A Man

A man from the country side went to a city. It was his first time visiting the city, so the city’s view with all the flashy technology shocked him very much.

While roaming the city’s shopping centre, he found a red building that was soo big! He wanted to go inside the building, so he excitedly walked up to the building and found himself face to face with a shiny metalic door. On the door was an ‘open’ sign. He was surprised, this building is an oven? He mistakenly took the sign ‘open’ as ‘oven’.

In cue with this mistake, a white man opened the door and entered the building. And then five minutes later, the metalic door opened revealing a black man!

When another white man came to enter the building, the country side man stopped him from entering. He said, “Don’t go in there! That building is an oven! ”

B. Nasreddin’s Coat

One day Nasreddin had been invited to the dinner party. He went to the party by wearing old clothes.

When he arrived in the party, nobody looked at him and nobody gave him a seat. He got no food in the party so he went home and change his clothes

Next he put on his best clothes. He wore his newest coat and went to the party again. The host at once got up and came to meet him. The host offered him the best table and gave him a good seat and served him the best food

Nasreddin sat and put off his coat. He put his coat and said; “Eat the food, Coat!” the hosts and guests were very surprised and asked Nareddin; “What are doing?” Nasreddin replied calmly; “When I came here with my old clothes, nobody looked at me. Then I went home and put on my best clothes. I came back in my newest coat and you all give me this best food and drink. So, you give food to my coat instead of me”. Getting Nasreddin’s answer, they just shook the head.


Orientation: one day, Nasreddin was invited to a dinner party

Event 1: He was in the party with his old cloth

Event 2: He was in the party with his best newest coat

Twist: Among the hosts and guests, he aske his coat to eat the served food

C.   Penguin in the Park

Once a man was walking in a park when he across a penguin. He took it to a policeman and said; “What should I do?” The policeman replied; “Take it to the zoo!”.

The next day, the policeman saw the man in the same park. The man was still carrying the penguin. The policeman was rather surprised and walked up to the man and asked; “Why are you still carrying the penguin? Didn’t you take it to the zoo?” The man replied; “I certainly did. And it was a great idea because the penguin really enjoyed it. So, today I am taking it to the movie”.


Orientation;introducing participants: “He” and Penguin. They were in the park

Event1; The man tended to take the penguin to the park

Event; The following day, the man were still carrying the penguin

Twist; Even, finally the man would take the penguin to the movies


Focusing on certain certain participants; He, penguin, policeman

Using action verb; carry, walk up

Using adverb of time and place; once, in the park

Told in chronological order; chronological order by days, the next day


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