Beige Feat Ryeowook – When Falling in Love With Friend



Chin gu in geon ji sa gwi neun geon ji

Na yo jeum en ni ga deo het gal lyeo nae ga


Yeong hwa do bo go san chaek do ha go

Sok gip eun bi mil neo e ge mal ha go woo woo


U rin yeon in bo da ga gga un geu reon chin gu sa i


Geun dae eo ddeok ha ji na ni ga jo a jyeo baby


Eo neu saen ga neo ye mo deun ge

Jo a jyeo sseo neo ye mo deun ge

Sal myeo shi deo sal myeo shi nae ga da ga gal geo ya

Ni ga da jo a mo du da jo a

Sa rang han dan ma reun an hae do

I reo ke meo mul leo jwo nae ge yak sok hae jwo yeong won hi


Nam ja dab ge nae mam mo du da go baek ha go ship eo


Nae mam deul kil gga bwa nae ma eum al gga bwa baby


Sa rang bo da so jung han sa rang

Nae mo deun geol da ju go ship eo

Cheon cheon hi deo cheon cheon hi nae mam mo du jul geo ya

Ni ga da jo a mo du da jo a

Geu reon ma reun eo saek han de do

Ddae ro neun chin gu cheo reom ddae ron yeon in cheo reom i sseo jwo


Nam nyeo sa i chin gu ran eo da go

Geu ddaen mit ji an a sseo


A nya u ri yeon in i dwaen de do

Gye sok jo eun chin gu cheo reom deo

([Beige] Neo ye yae gi deu reo jul ge)


Ne yae gil deu reo jul gge


Sa rang han dan mal bo dan

U rin a jik u rin dal kom han gi bun

Jo geum ssik deo jo geum ssik o neul bu teo shi jak hae

Ni ga da jo a mo du da jo a

Ja beun son eul no chi an eul gge

Sa rang hae geu mal dae shin gyeo te i sseul ggeo ya yeong won hi



Are we friends or are we dating?

These days I’ve been confusing about you, even more about me


We also watch movies, also go for a walk

Then I’m telling you the secret deep inside woo woo


Our friendship is something closer than lovers


But what should I do? I’ve grown so fond of you baby


Before I know it, everything of you

I’ve grown fond of everything of you

Silently, more silently, I will come closer to you

I like all that you are, like everything

Even though the words “I love you” aren’t said

Please just stay with me like this, please promise me, forever


My heart wants to confess everything like a man


You’d better catch my heart, you’d better know my heart baby


The love that is more precious than love

I want to give my all

Slowly, more slowly, I will give all my heart

I like all that you are, like everything

Even though those words are awkward

Please be there, sometimes as friends, sometimes as lovers


“There’s no friendship between boys and girls”

I didn’t believe it back then


No, even though we become lovers

We will continue being even better friends

([Beige] I will listen to you)


I will listen to you


More than the words “I love you”

We still, with our sweet feelings

Little by little, starting from to day

I like all that you are, like everything

Your hands that I took, I won’t let go

But in stead I will be by your side saying “I love you”, forever

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